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What is WINGS?

WINGS is a crowdfunding platform for innovative projects and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). The platform enables anyone to easily create project proposals and submit them for community discussion, review ,forecasting and of course, crowdfunding. The community actively participates in the process because of the rewards given by these projects. The platform employs advanced mechanisms to ensure that forecasters who have actually put the effort investigating the relevant proje
ct are the ones who will be the most rewarded, as their forecasts are going to be the most accurate ones.

WINGS是一个为创新项目和去中心化自治组织项目(DAO)所提供服务的一个众筹平台。该平台使任何人都可以轻松地创建项目建议书,并提交给社区讨论,审查,预测,当然最重要的是,众筹。Wings社区因这些项目的奖励与回报来积极参与这个过程 。该平台采用最先进的机制以确保那些只有投入心力去调查研究相关项目的预测者得才会得到最多的奖励,因为只有这些人的预测才会是最准确的。

What is your opinion about Bitcoin and Ethereum

We believe that both projects have a great potential, and can really complement each other. Bitcoin is what started it all - the first project that made the crypto-currency concept popular, and now considered the digital equivalent of gold. We see people all over the world trusting Bitcoin, recognizing its value as a long term storage of weath.

我们相信这两个项目都有巨大的潜力,他们可以互补。比特币是最开始的鼻祖 - 第一个使加密货币概念流行的项目,现在被认为是黄金的数字等价物。我们看到世界各地的人都信任比特币,认识到它作为财富长期存储的价值。

Ethereum, while being much more younger than Bitcoin, has already proven itself to be a real gamechanger. By being the first Smart Contracts platform enabling Decentralized Applications, Ethereum is taking the blockchain to another level, making possible for projects to utilize the trustless nature of cryptocurrency and the flexibility of being able to build full fledged solutions for real world problems,


WINGS utilizes Rootstock (RSK) to take the best from the both worlds, both enjoying Bitcoin being the most secure blockchain available today, and Ethereum Virtual Machine being the most advanced platform for Smart Contract based applications. By utilizing RSK, WINGS will be able to provide the most performing and secure project crowdfunding platform today.


How WINGS and RSK work together

WINGS is going to utilize RSK in following fashion:

1.Utilize Bitcoin as the most stable blockchain today
2.Take advantage of EVM flexibility for creating Smart Contract and tokens
3.Accept BTC for the launched crowdfunding campaigns
4.Utilize RSK federation for last case scenario funds recovery
5.Promote both RSK and WINGS via joint PR showcasing WINGS as a top application for RSK

4.利用RSK联盟为投资者紧急资金 回收保障

How WINGS RSK will compare to Ethereum

WINGS is not an Ethereum or Bitcoin competitor. Think of Ethereum and Bitcoin as two highways. WINGS is a factory making new cars to drive on these highways. WINGS is fully compatible with EVM, meaning it can also run on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and any other EVM compatible blockchain. In fact, WINGS goal is to be compatible with all the EVM blockchains, and even some non-EVM ones, in order to enable the project creators to gather a multitude of funds, without complicating with the underlying blockchain specifics.

By adopting full support of EVM, WINGS can actually interact with any compatible blockchain out there, taking advantage of each such blockchain strong points and capabilities.

WINGS不是以太坊或比特币的竞争对手。想象以太坊和比特币为两条高速公路。 WINGS是一家制造在这些高速公路上行驶的汽车的工厂。 WINGS与虚拟机完全兼容,这意味着它也可以运行在以太坊,以太坊经典和任何其他虚拟机兼容的区块链上。事实上,WINGS的目标是与所有虚拟机兼容的区块链上运行,甚至与一些非虚拟机兼容的区块链上也可以运行,以使项目创建者能够募集到足够的资金,而同时不会使底层的区块链代码复杂化。 通过充分支持虚拟机,WINGS实际上可以与任何兼容的区块链进行交互,利用到每个区块链的强点和优势。

Why you actually decided to work on WINGS?

We have recognized that the crypto-crowdfunding market provides both a great opportunity for companies and projects to get funded in additional to regular channels. That said, it also poses a significant challenge, especially if the company has no experience in the area of blockchain and crypto-currencies, and would be required now to acquire this knowledge instead of focusing on their core business.


On another hand, the market is overflow with low quality campaigns, that dilute the participants funds and focus. The participation in today’s campaigns is akin to gambling, where the participants have no trustable tools to evaluate the proposals and their market potential.


WINGS aims to change all this. By encouraging participants to evaluate the project's potential using forecast markets, WINGS enables the community to focus its attention and resources on the worthwhile, high-quality projects. And by creating the necessary infrastructure for each project in form of smart contracts and tokens, WINGS facilitates a flexible and robust crowdfunding experience.


By adding the optional DAO mechanics, WINGS can enable the community to have a degree of control over the project direction and spending of the funds, thus lowering the trust barrier and enabling a more open and efficient communication between the community and the project leaders.


Can anyone use WINGS Platform to create a DAO?

Anyone can use the WINGS platform to create a project DAO, as long as the listing fee is paid in order to avoid spam, and to ensure quality proposals are submitted.


Is there any DAO planned to be created on the WINGS Platform upon release?

Yes, there are several DAOs with high potential that are in the WINGS pipeline, with at least one being launched at WINGS platform release.


How much time will the WINGS campaign take place, and how will the funds be used?

The campaign has started on November 18th, with a successful first day bringing in over 1M$. The campaign will last for 7 weeks, ending on January 6th.

The funds will be used for:
(i) platform development, with emphasis on stability, security and multiple external code audits
(ii) global marketing in order to promote WINGS as the new generation of crowdfunding platforms
(iii) entrepreneurs engagement by using hackathons and incubation hubs for attracting new projects to WINGS

该活动于11月18日开始,第一天就成功的融到了超过一百万美元。该活动将持续7周,于1月6日结束。 资金将用于:



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